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Weekend Web Design go Carbon Neutral

Part of being a responsible business is about looking after and supporting the environment we live
and work in and this is something that we at WWD take very seriously.

Even sat in front of a computer designing and building websites has an effect on the environment, from
the electricity we use right down to the materials our equipment and supplies are made from.
So what can we as a business do to help and reduce our Carbon Footprint?

WWD have recently become involved in a home grown Carbon Offset Programme and by applying some
good old fashioned common sense and hardwork we aim to reduce our Carbon Footprint to as close
to zero as possible by June 2012.

One of the biggest ventures we've gotten into is taking on a local allotment that provides us with the
opportunity to plant trees, shurbs and of course veg, all of which contribute to offsetting some of the energy
we use due to the plants needing carbon dioxide to grow.

It also gives our volunteers the chance to get out in the fresh air, commune with nature and keep fit!

Have a look at some of the photo's below from the WWD allotment.



Watch this space for more future updates on the progress of the WWD allotment
or join our Facebook page by clicking here.

If you're local to Swindon and would like to get involved in our allotment project or would like any
information on our in-house Carbon Offset Programme just drop us an email with your details.